Jan van den Berg

I'm a software developer living in the Netherlands. I have 10+ years of Java experience and a healthy interest in Rust, Go(lang), Machine Learning and Clojure.

I enjoy comics like xkcd, reading HackerNews, watching Netflix and spending time with my wife, son and daughter.

During my career I've worked for several companies and even more clients.


Adopted Mi8.marketing as Lead developer, migrated application and database onto the Google Cloud Platform, added freemium signup, cleaned up the codebase, improved MailChimp support and migrated more components to docker containers.

Ah Labs Conspect

Mentoring interns while learning the Go programming language myself. Using the LEAN startup methodology to quickly select, test, develop and validate new innovations, such as:

  • Chatbot helping in your choice of wine.
  • Realtime synchronized grocery list.
  • Buy button (affiliates & integration).
  • IF This Then That (IFTTT) integration.

Powerhouse Conspect

Facilitating data transport between AngularJS and the database through a REST-API.

Ahold (Delhaize) Conspect

Working on one of Netherlands biggest online groceryshopping site: ah.nl.

Maxeda Mirabeau

Reimplemented the Praxis (DIY) webshop built with hybris.

Kadaster Mirabeau

Reimplemented the Kadaster website using GX software, implemented a 'related articles' component using GX's lucene engine.

WebNext InterAccess

Working on the Java Enterprise application WebNext which helps municipalities serve their civilians.

SDL Tridion

Started at Tridion by mavenizing the whole Content Delivery codebase, making it easier to modify or add a module to the codebase. Next to that I replaced the proprietary logging framework with a third-party logging framework which increased performance and migrated from JUnit 3 to JUnit 4. All of this work contributed to easy configuration of the Continuous Integration server and being able to show code quality metrics.

While being the Certified Scrum Master for the Content Delivery team, I still contributed a lot of my time to development of the Content Delivery stack (transporting, deploying, storing, retrieving and rendering content). It was an interesting mix challenging code (concurrency, JPA, transactions) and interesting techniques (REST, OData, OAuth).

DNB (De Nederlandse Bank) Pecoma

Adding new features to a Struts-based web application and its Spring-Hibernate backend, converting XLS to XML, sending JMS messages, parsing XML (SAX), persisting objects, mapping object relationships.

Migrating the project from ClearCase and CruiseControl to Subversion and Maven.

Blue Billywig Pecoma

Supporting Junior Java developer on an out-of-memory exception and design choices, developing the MediaStore product in Java with another Java developer.

Onetrail Pecoma

Working with JCAPs, writing Java Collaboration Definitions (JCD's) to translate customer order-information to the used standard and vice-versa to connect the customer to a service bus, adding a generic logging facility, extracting data from PDF and XLS.

Municipality Haarlemmermeer Pecoma

Automated front-office workflow processes in the COSA BPM Suite (processes like birth-registration) to assist the front-office in handling all possible flows in these cases.

Yellowbrick Pecoma

Adding new features to the Java webapplication, adjusting the Oracle database, minor change in the C#.NET application, building a release (application, Oracle scripts, manual).

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